Items to Provide


Parents are required to provide the Daycare with the following items. Due to severe perfume sensitivity, please ensure that all items are scent-free.

Also note, that the Caregiver is extremely allergic to chemical and scented natural creams including sunscreens. Sun protection is extremely important and sun protective clothing (sun vest and large rimed hat) are provided by the Childcare.


  • Bottles containing formula or breast milk must be made and brought to the Daycare.


  • A continuous supply of non-scented disposable wipes.

  • A continuous supply of non-scented disposable diapers or pull-ups.

  • All-in-one cloth diapers are accepted. All dirty diapers will be placed as suchin a bag. It is the responsibility of the parent(s) to take them home each day for cleaning.


  • A Graco playpen (Pack N Play) may be required

  • 1 favorite stuffed toy for naptime only


  • Please ensure that a full change of season and size appropriate clothes is available at childcare bag at all times.

  • Summer:

  • Identified closed toe sandals

  • Winter:

  • Note: Dressing children for a winter outing is time consuming and uncomfortably warm for the child that is first ready and waiting for his friends to be dressed. The below 6 items are the fastest way to dress a child for the winter months, hence greatly reducing the amount of time required preparing for outings.

  • One-piece snowsuit

  • Boots: Non-walkers: Snowsuit booties. Walkers: Any winter boots that does not come off easily.

  • Mittens: Attached by a string or clips to the snowsuits. Please no gloves.

  • Hat: Covers the ears and with string or velcro ties.

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